mindful reiki courses for women in hertfordshire                    Ally Osborne

Natural Reiki Master (Feb 2007 ) with lineage back to Mikao Usui

NLP and Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner  (2007-8)

Holistic General Dental Practitioner BDS LDS RSC (1988-2009)

Kundalini Yoga Teacher 2013

Mindful Meditation Teacher for Inner Peace alongside Dr Neelam Taneja



(I do look very pleased with my strawberry tart!)


I became aware of my spiritual journey back in 2000 when my life focus had to change-

I sustained a traumatic shoulder injury. Before this I had lead a very active life and I felt very blessed to be able to turn myself to most things. My family motto i took on was “live life to the full” and I did.

From competitive horse riding and dinghy sailing as a child to University swimming team and final year Hockey Captain dental student; sky diving to my classic car re-build; Yoga to finalist in Uk Ceroc championships to name a few. I loved travel too, highlights being safari in Zimbabwe, diving in the Barrier Reef in Oz, Jazz in New Orleans, Broadway in New York as well as beautiful Europe for skiing ,sailing and sight seeing.

In 2000 it all stopped and I was in physical pain-moving or not moving!

Steroid injections were giving small amounts of relief but I had to change my focus.  I looked around for local courses to keep me busy and after a cancelled singing course I was left with Mindful Meditation…coincidence??

This was very curious to me as I didn’t think I was doing it very well but every week we all met up and internal shifts and helpful changes were occurring. Being Medically trained and having EVERY member of my family and their partners either a Doctor, Dentist or a Nurse this was outside of what was then explicable through traditional medicine, but if felt right.

Shortly after this I had my first experience of Reiki. I had a 10 minute taster session which as an experience was nothing too amazing but the focused energy I had for the 3 days was undeniable so I thought if that what it does in 10 minutes imagine what it could do in a whole hour!!! So I was straight down to the local centre and signed up for a course of sessions.

I was soon to be blown away!

Getting Rid of IBS With Reiki

After 3 sessions I found my relationships improving and felt a sense of surety about my self and my decisions.

I continued onto train in Reiki. During my Reiki Training time I found my chronic IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) clearing up after 10 rather tricky years, my shoulder which, after declining surgery, made a full recovery and I also healed myself after the return of cervical cancer after a colposcopy 6 years ago.

Pretty amazing results by any standard.

Health aside I have totally re-organised my life , amicably divorcing after a 20 year relationship; I came together with a man who shared my vision and lifestyle choices; I stopped dentistry while I supported our 5 children for 7 years and I focused on their education and expressing my skills for self awareness.

Now my path has developed and expanded again and I have chosen to live on my own, being in love with life.

This involves an awareness of a greater purpose for me so using  my passion for teaching self awareness skills I now move forwards with love and trust in my heart, excited about what the future may bring.

Ultimately I continue to feel driven to create a cause and an awareness that is going to last longer than my own destiny.

Not to say there weren’t many sleepless nights in this time but in those times when I was most likely to abandon my own best interests I felt the spiritual foundation and support of Reiki along with the tools of understanding and compassion which have carried me through and given me an ever-growing inner confidence and gratitude in my life.

Time to Teach Reiki Again

With my focus able to shift and extend outside my family I felt drawn to teach Reiki again.

I had been teaching an ongoing spiritual group for 4 years previously and I felt passionate to share all Reiki has to offer, to empower others, individually and collectively and to share the support and sense of purpose that I have gained over the difficult times in my life.

The Reiki energy and Mindful approach has supported me in every way and I want to help people through their own challenging times with what I know to be possible. More and more I feel we are living in an extraordinary and pivotal time in human history and I feel passionate to teach others, to embrace their inner energy, to balance their feminine and masculine energy, to understand this dynamic in what has been, a masculine driven society.

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