What is this website about?

This website was created with the aim of encouraging and inspiring you to learn and experience Reiki and what it can do for you. To encourage your sense of curiosity in learning how Reiki can work and help you in your life and to realize the importance of taking part in our Reiki courses which focuses on practical applicable training in order to have an experience essential in its understanding.

My intention on my courses is to encourage self kindness, compassion and being present in the moment. Ultimately, The Mindful Reiki system has been created to help you to build a sense of inner peace and strength which is initially unrelated to your outward experience, so you can not only cope with and enjoy life situations but you can remove the struggle ,confusion and feel safe in your life.

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 Who Is Ally?

Ally is a Reiki Master who has created Mindful Reiki System.

With over 10 years Reiki experience, Ally is also a Master Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner with a over 20 years experience as a Dentist where she took a holistic approach to her practice, Ally brings a wealth of experience from her own spiritual explorations.

As well as Mindful Reiki Ally also teaches Mindful Meditation and is a Kundalini Yoga teacher And enjoys studying and travelling in different countries.

Ally has two wonderful girls of her own, been through an amicable and empowering divorce and after afew years of being together with another a Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher she feels compelled to stand on her own and take life as her own adventure trusting herself and her life and whatever that may bring!

Her passion is one of Self awareness and she wants to share and impact as many people as are willing, knowing this will have a far reaching affect through rippling out into all the people they meet or come into contact with in their lives too.


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What is Her Message To You

Her message she wants to share is that an awareness of our connection to the universe is natural and our resistance to this is born out of misunderstanding the nature of separation and unexamined ideas of the human condition.

By understanding that there is no separation from the ‘universe’ whatever that is for you, you can gain a full and complete experience filled with confidence, self awareness, health and abundance.  Through her Reiki teachings Ally will ensure you understand how complete you are, that you are not broken, that you have never been disconnected from the source of your being and that far from being isolated and alone, you are connected and supported by the source which guides each of us on our journey.

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What to do next?

If you are looking to take a Reiki course and want more information Ally will gladly answer any questions you may have,

please ring on 07481843605, also do look around this website where you can find information on Reiki One Courses in Hertfordshire and about Mindful Reiki itself.

Ally teaches from Hitchin, Hertfordshire and Stopsley, Luton Bedfordshire

and also in Pembrokeshire , South West Wales

Booking Your Reiki Course

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If you have any questions please use the contact page here,

or Ring Ally on  07481843605

with kindness,