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“Welcome to Reiki One Courses in Hertfordshire”


Welcome to this page about learning Reiki and Reiki One.

At the Mindful Reiki School I offer courses for women only group.

Women only groups were created as a space for women collectively to focus on Reiki and realize their own unique feminine qualities and inner strength ( Click here to read more about why just women?)

That said, all our Reiki courses are based on tried and tested methods which give you the chance to experience, take part and enjoy something truly wonderful: a weekend just for you, to learn a new life long skill, relax, to give healing and very importantly to receive healing for yourself.

Reiki courses for women only and women only reiki courses

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In essence, it is available to learn and practice for any willing student.If Reiki is about anything, it is about you and your journey to health, spiritual awareness, wonderful relationships and abundance in your life.Sound too good to be true?

My First Reiki One Courses

Truth be told, having a medical background as a Dentist when I was first taught Reiki I was in wonder and also in some confusion at how easy and natural healing seemed to be, how I could ‘sense energy’ in new ways. Though I did not know what any of it meant at the time the experience was undeniable.  Reiki One courses are all about giving you the experience of Reiki as well as a well rounded understanding of Reiki itself and of course it doesn’t have to end there.

In short, Reiki healing is relaxing to give and receive for everyone and by the first lunchtime on Reiki One you will have given your first healing session and ,I promise, you will be amazed at the effects.



“In 2005 I had my first ever experience of Reiki, a session with Ally. It completely blew me away as I’d never experienced anything like it before! As soon as she placed her hands on me I saw rich, vibrant colours, and various images floated through my mind. It was incredible to feel the energy pulsing and moving around my body throughout the session. The emotional pain of some of my childhood events began to be released. It was as if dark smoke was leaving through my chest. It was wonderful to heal without having to talk about it and analyse everything that took place. I went on to have to many more sessions with Ally, each one taking me deeper and deeper inside of myself, allowing more healing to take place. Thank you Ally”

R.L Herts

“Ally is very caring, intuitive, and supportive with a lovely sense of humour. I’m eternally grateful to Ally as our conversations and sessions lit a fire inside of me to learn transformative tools to create lasting change in myself and others. My spiritual awakening began with our first Reiki session. Thank you Ally. Knowing you has truly changed the course of my life. ”


What to expect on Your Mindful Reiki One Course:

Bottom line is on your Mindful Reiki One Course you become a Reiki Healer!

You will take part in Reiki Attunements that will open your mind and heart to the universal energy that Reiki is, in doing so you become a channel for Reiki ‘Universal’ energy.

The Reiki One course itself is held over two days in a comfortable quiet setting here in North Hertfordshire/ Bedfordshire.Reiki for women, first degree Reiki

All Reiki courses are kept to a maximum of 6-8 people so all your questions can be answered and I will take you through the Mindful Reiki system right from the start.

Each group is required to observe confidentiality so privacy and discretion are taken seriously by all.At the same time what we share in the group is by invitation, and not by demand.

We will focus on how to use Reiki, it’s purpose in your daily life and I will explain everything that you need to know in plain language so you can be happy to explain to others.

The Reiki Course Outlined:

Day One on your Mindful Reiki course will begin with an introduction to the most important elements of Mindful Reiki which will essentially involve hands-on exploration of giving and receiving healing alongside relaxing meditations and Reiki Attunements.

The morning of Day Two usually brings about many questions which we will take time to cover completely.   

We will take time to build your confidence with the practice of Reiki alongside introducing the ideas of the Reiki ideals and Mindful Living. In the afternoon you will give and receive a full Reiki healing session as well  as your final Reiki Attunement of the course.

Ultimately, the Mindful Reiki One courses aim is for you to leave the course being able to give an explanation to others about Reiki and with an experience of Reiki which gives you confidence to use it for yourself and others.

The Reiki One Courses are certified and I provide a manual with the certificate. The manuals are detailed and comprehensive with an emphasis on working on the self as well as representing a complete guide to the use of Reiki for treating others.

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Testimonials about Reiki:

I gave Reiki to my daughter last night as she went to bed. For the 1st hand position, she said, “this is boring”, but by the time I got to the 4th or so she was getting very relaxed and told me she liked that position and that she actually liked all of them and by a few minutes later she was sound asleep. It felt so good to share this with her – helping to keep her well and peaceful.

Tonight she asked for Reiki again – she said, “Reiki is my new favorite way to go to bed” – and of course, she loved it and fell asleep as I held my hands on her body.

What a beautiful way for mother and daughter to bond, nurture and love!


“Reiki has been a wonderful, wonderful source and comfort for me throughout the day and at night before bed. I have been mostly doing Reiki on myself, but have worked on my husband and his sister, too. I believe one of the most beautiful things is to be able to do Reiki on yourself – it is a special space to be in physically and spiritually!”



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