A Session or Working with Me:    

I love to work with others who want something ‘more’ or different in their lives, people who are interested to heal themselves non-invasively; to learn about energy, themselves and living joyfully in the present moment, or who are looking to transform their lives in some way.

There are explanations of Reiki on the other pages but here is a summary below for those interested in a 1:1 session:

Reiki works holistically,meaning it works with all areas of oneself- physical, mental and emotional.

It acknowledges the link between the body and mind so it supports mental wellbeing while aiding physical balance.Therefore all conditions will be affected towards health.

Reiki flows to the areas of need, soothing pain and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself, restoring balance in your life.

Reiki is kind to your body. There are no invasive techniques and there are no contraindications  so it is totally safe for anyone to experience, young or old etc.

Your Reiki session will give you initially a level of relaxation.

Reiki is a process so although some results may be felt immediately, it can take a few days to notice further results. (This may continue for the following weeks too)

This brings a new level of  awareness which will help you and your life, in exactly the way it is ultimately needed.  At the same time the experience will enhance your overall well being and therefore re-balance and enhance your life.

As you will find out, Reiki sessions can potentially heal serious issues as it has done with me so there is potential for improved health no matter what the issue.

There is a quote “An essential step for any lasting transformation is an experiential step -an experience beyond words”- and that is what Reiki healing will give you, an inner knowing.


“In 2005 I had my first ever experience of Reiki, a session with Ally. It completely blew me away as I’d never experienced anything like it before! As soon as she placed her hands on me I saw rich, vibrant colours, and various images floated through my mind. It was incredible to feel the energy pulsing and moving around my body throughout the session. The emotional pain of some of my childhood events began to be released. It was as if dark smoke was leaving through my chest. It was wonderful to heal without having to talk about it and analyse everything that took place. I went on to have to many more sessions with Ally, each one taking me deeper and deeper inside of myself, allowing more healing to take place. Thank you Ally”


The Reiki Healing Session

After a short consultation,  you will lie on a couch fully clothed -( though it can be given in a sitting position if this is more comfortable). There is no need to remove any clothing as Reiki works through anything, even plaster casts.

I gently place my hands on or over your body whilst you close your eyes and listen to soothing music.

The method of receiving a Reiki session is a simple process of relaxing and allowing the process of healing to happen on the many levels that need nurturing and healing.

You may feel a range of gentle sensations, from warmth to coolness; tingling or weightlessness

N.B   Neither person has to use any effort of will or concentration during this process. The practitioner is a ‘channel ‘ through which energy is drawn by the need or imbalance in the recipient without effort on either side.

A full treatment usually takes up to 1 hour with each position held for several minutes with the whole session lasting approx 60 or 90 mins.

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