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Once you have completed Mindful Reiki One or Reiki One from another Reiki school, you can move onto our Reiki Two courses and deepen your exploration of healing and spirituality.

Reiki One is about healing yourself and others, it gives the groundwork for using Reiki energy in your life, Reiki Two takes that exploration onto another level that will literally transform the life you have.

Mindful Reiki Two Courses build onto the knowledge of Reiki One, that everything is ‘universal energy’, that being mindful with the Reiki Ideals will bring your awareness into the present moment, empowering every day of your life, but Reiki Two takes Reiki out of classroom and into the world, your world.

On this two day course your be introduced to the Reiki Symbols and their use with ‘universal’ energy. We will explore the traditional Reiki symbols that were handed down by Mikao Usui from the Buddhist system which were originally introduced into Reiki to help symbolise the knowledge of Reiki, to give something visual for us to focus on and we use them in the same way, to help you focus Reiki energy into the world.

There has been a great deal of confusion about the Reiki symbols that are taught on all Reiki two courses so I will keep it as simple as I can, showing you how to use them to take your Reiki use to another level, with absent healing and deeper exploration of mindfulness.

Although we introduce different elements in my Reiki Two courses we also give and receive healing, enjoy meditations, time to share and of course Reiki Attunements too.

We will explore 4 Reiki symbols over the two day Reiki Two courses, two on each day alongside the other healing elements that I know you will love.

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Mindful Reiki Courses

Reiki Two Courses in Hertfordshire