Supporting Your In Your Journey

From my own experience of personal development I am very aware that you may need support along the way, be it to understand Reiki more or to apply it in your life, I know how support is so helpful

I offer support to all my students and am still teaching and supporting some students that I first met ten years ago.

I have created a new Facebook page here that I would love to connect with you on so you can keep up to date with me and I can see how you are doing too.

There is also a  newsletter where I will send through ideas and thoughts, inspiration and Reiki updates.  You can sign up to the newsletter by adding your details to the form on the right of this page.

Finally of course you can email or call me, all students have those details and are welcome to ask for help when needed.

I look forward to seeing you on a Reiki course soon,

with kindness,


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