Mindful Reiki

Mindful Reiki is fundamentally Reiki with a keen focus on mindfulness for everyday living. Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui who was a Japanese Buddhist and the Reiki ideals which you learn on Reiki One courses are based in mindfulness which is also a well known concept among Buddhists.

It is worth noting here though that Reiki or Mindfulness are not a religion, there is no dogma and there is actually nothing that you need to belief to learn and practice it. The system itself instils an importance in living and acting in a way that promotes harmony with yourself and others. So Reiki and Mindfulness work hand in hand.

Mindfulness means being focused and aware, on purpose. It is about learning to pay attention consciously and without judgement to whatever is going on in the present moment in your body, your mind and in the environment around you and in so doing you then have more choice as how to act or react. In truth, it can be a valuable tool in helping people take charge of their lives. So the focus on Mindfulness in our Reiki courses is an extremely important one.

But better yet, Mindfulness aids self awareness but it also advocates self kindness and compassion which i feel is misunderstood and therefore under-valued in our busy modern day lives. When going through any transition or period of change in your life or healing, your level of self kindness will dictate the ease and quality of that process in every moment.

In summary, the Mindful Reiki approach to Reiki is a system of self awareness which uses Reiki alongside Mindfulness to give you an integrated holistic lasting personal transformation.   The Mindful Reiki courses combine spiritual awareness and self knowledge with kindness and compassion which is an important combination for releasing limitations in ones personal development and also for blossoming on ones spiritual path.

Mindful Reiki was born to share the understandings of  the Reiki system and offer a holistic set of skills which people have found empowering in their journeys and I know you will too.

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