mindfulreiki for women in hertfordshire

The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words – Rei and Ki.

Rei  broadly translated = Universal.

This can also be translated as the boundless energy that makes up all things; it is the subtle wisdom that permeates all animate and inanimate things and because of its infinite nature it is all knowing.

Ki- Life Force Energy

Ki is flowing in everything that is alive, plants, animals and humans

It is the same energy as the Chi of China , the Prana of India or the Ti/Ki of Hawaiians.

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki healing is traditionally a hands on form of healing.When Reiki is practiced as a healing method the practitioner is allowing an unlimited energy source to be focused through them onto the recipient, according to the clients needs on that occasion. The practitioner creates a ‘healing space’  that the client can use to bring their own energy system into balance, without conscious effort on the practitioners part. They are working in partnership with the energy using their intuition more than applying their knowledge.

Practicing Reiki healing does not deplete or use ones own energy reserves, on the contrary the practitioner can also benefit from the energy they have channelled too!


 What is the Reiki System?

Reiki forms a system which will enhance ones self awareness and empowerment to live with clarity, serenity and vibrance in the present moment. The system provides a structure which helps you learn about yourself through exploring energy and your relationship to it. In this system you will learn about how energy can be used, focused, understood for your own personal growth and development.

Are there different forms of Reiki?

There are many names given to the form which Reiki can take but it my mind there are two distinct types;

those which are self empowering, focusing on your own capabilities using energy

and those which assign your experience to another external source like Angels, crystals etc

The second group although can be a lovely addition to ones experience if you begin learning Reiki in this way the student will become reliant on this source which is not self empowering ultimately quite the opposite.

What are Attunements?

Attunements is the method by which an individual is ‘tuned in’ to the Reiki energy. Traditionally Reiki Masters perform a ceremony for the attunement process by using a series of Reiki symbols. We will discuss these on our courses as there has been in my experience more and more confusion around this process. Ultimately an attunement is what happens over the period of the whole 2 day course of learning and using energy in becoming aware and conscious of your own natural healing ability and an attunement is an affirmation of that ability.