What is Feminine Power?

Firstly I am using the word ‘power’ to describe a personal power or energy, an inner strength, not the traditional meaning of the word.

Secondly, Everyone, both women and men have masculine and feminine qualities available to them. The masculine qualities like those of action, integrity and analytical thought. The feminine qualities being those of stillness, beauty, love and creativity.

In society, until recently power has been defined exclusively in masculine terms.If you look up the word “power” in the dictionary, the definition given is the ability “to do, to act, to accomplish, to wield command or control over others.”

With that said, a masculine power system has given us the miracles of science and the marvels of industry. It has enabled us to reiki one courses for women in hertfordshirecreate an unprecedented standard of living and opportunities for development. And women collectively in the last decade have looked to master the masculine power system to level the playing field between men and women to great affect. But in doing so the feminine qualities of an individual have been very often under-valued or misunderstood and the biggest drawback has been that most of us have had few or no models for this kind of Feminine Power and have no idea where to start to begin to cultivate it.

The result too often has been that women especially feel pulled in opposite directions, almost having to be several different people at once and feel constantly under pressure. Many of us experience a deep longing for wholeness and simplicity.

So it is important that we turn to a spiritual empowering practice, like Reiki and meditation, to find peace, relaxation… or the inner strength to cope with the complexity of our lives.

The fact that we’re still struggling to live in vibrant relationships and have meaningful, inspired lives is not a personal failure. Reiki one courses for women in hertfordshireIt’s actually a collective problem we’re facing together, symptomatic of the larger evolutionary story we are living born at an extraordinary and pivotal time in human history.

So oddly enough the kind of power that has brought us to this point is not the power that we, as a society ,now need to move forward. Indeed, if we look at what’s missing from our lives and from our world, we can see that the things we most deeply desire—such as love, intimacy, connection, belonging, creativity, self-expression, aliveness, meaning, purpose, contribution,—can’t be created with a system of a masculine power based on control, analysis, and logical, linear thinking. Nor can they be executed with a strategic plan.

So the first step is awareness to this situation and then to awaken and cultivate a new kind of  power- an acceptance and expression of our innate qualities, integrating and including all the gains of masculine power to evolve not only oneself but also as a collective force, an impact on our global transformation and I want to show others  how to begin this process and encourage them to fulfill their deepest desires while enjoying their journey along the way.

So do come along on our Reiki courses and join with me and help build a community of like minded people who want to feel Reiki one courses for women in hertfordshiretheir inner strength, express their feminine power, integrate with their masculine drives and play an active part in our global development.

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